Just like home

When we exited the plane in Seoul one of the students noticed the similarity to our point of origin. It was about 20 degrees, snow on the ground, and mountains dotted with evergreens a little beyond the airport. And what was the first shop when we entered the terminal?

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  1. Brad Austin says:

    This isn’t a fake trip is it? I got tricked by the moon landing, and I won’t be fooled again.

    Seriously–what an interesting start to the trip. I can just imagine the Thomas Friedman column now, “As I was getting off of my French-made Airbus plane, after eating a pan-Asian fusion meal onboard, I was struck by the optimism and obvious abilities of a collection of Williams and St. Anselm students as well as by the familiar aroma of munchkins baking in a Swiss-constructed oven, tended by Somali workers. It was at that point that I knew that the hot, crowded, flat world had a future, as long as these college students embrace green energy . . .”

    Looking forward to additional updates.

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