Hanoi Food

IMG_1859 (683x1024)
This guy was making me a doner kebab sandwich. Pretty good–some kind of roasted pork, cabbage, and a tangy white dressing. Then they toast it on a little panini press/George Foreman grill.

IMG_2098 (1024x683)
One of my favorite foods in Vietnam is the Hanoi specialty bun cha. It’s kind of like a disassembled bun thit nuong. You get a bowl of sauce (I think it has a fish sauce base, but it is pretty mild) with sliced papaya and grilled meat inside. The meat is great–they usually cook it over coals, using a fan to really ramp up the heat. Some pieces are kind of like sausage patties while others are like pork belly. They give you a plate full of bun (thin rice noodles) and some greens (lettuce, basil, purple basil, mint), which you add to the bowl of meat and sauce. It is often served with nem, the Hanoi version of spring rolls (cha gio in the south).

IMG_1923 (1024x683)
Some Hanoi coffee. Notice how it clings to the side of the mug. And I like that they serve it in a hot water bath to keep it warm.

IMG_1872 (1024x683)
I took this picture as we were walking by. I think it is goose, but I’m not positive. Oh, and there was also a place nearby serving dog. I took a picture there too, but out of respect for dog lovers (and anyone who might be a little squeamish) I’ll only post a link to the photo. It is a little grisly, so consider yourself warned.

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