More Hanoi Sights

More photos from our week in Hanoi:

IMG_1873 (1024x683)
Here is Liz buying her favorite food–banh mi. She probably broke the record for most “banh mi khong” (just the bread, not the sandwich) eaten in a week. She was also a big fan of the “Laughing Cow” cheese as an accompaniment.

IMG_1919 (1024x683)
In addition to the traditional banh mi, you can also get doner kebab sandwiches in Hanoi (I haven’t noticed them in Ho Chi Minh City for some reason).

IMG_2107 (1024x683)
Traffic from our taxi cab.

IMG_1883 (1024x683)
IMG_1897 (1024x683)
Did I mention that it was cold? More pictures of people building fires in the streets.

IMG_1898 (1024x683)
I came across these two guys while I was warming up near the fire. They looked about the same age as my two boys, so I asked them if I could snap a photo and they obliged.

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