Eastern Medicine

Another cool activity on the trip was visiting a doctor of Eastern Medicine (also known as “Chinese Medicine” or “Oriental Medicine”).

IMG_1815 (1024x683)
She demonstrated a few techniques on her assistant, including cupping. Notice the flaming wick in the doctor’s left hand (it looks kind of like a burning marshmallow). She briefly holds the flame under a bamboo cup (glass can also be used) before placing the cup on the patient’s back. The heated air creates a vacuum that then sucks the bad blood to the surface of the body.

IMG_1826 (1024x683)
The students were not that interested in trying cupping, but they did avail themselves of other treatments. Here the doctor applies a liquid that heats the skin. The doctor said this treatment is comparable to acupuncture.

IMG_1850 (1024x683)
Kelly tried the same stuff to see if it would help with migraines.

IMG_1836 (1024x683)
A tray with the doctor’s materials.

IMG_1830 (1024x683)
IMG_1842 (1024x683)
IMG_1844 (1024x683)
IMG_1845 (1024x683)
Liz and Jessica tried moxibustion to help their colds. The doctor waved this smoldering stick above back and forth over their neck. It had a pleasant herbal aroma. Jessica and Liz said it was warm but not uncomfortable. And I can’t say for sure, but they did seem to be a little bit healthier the next day.

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