Halfway around the world

What do you do during a 13 hour flight? I was able to watch
two movies (The Prestige and The Social Network), do a crossword
puzzle, read some Chinese documents for next semester, nap for a
little while, and listen to some music. And that still left me a
lot of time to sit and wonder when we would arrive.

One nice thing is that a trans-Pacific flight bears little resemblance to flying
in the U.S. Here’s our first meal of the flight:

Clockwise from top left: mixed fruit, directions for eating bi bim bab (“Mixing and Harmonizing”), tube of chili paste, cold noodles, sesame oil, Hite beer (“Cool and Fresh”), soy sauce mixed with mirin, kimchi, fish soup.  It also had wasabi and maybe something else that I’m forgetting.  Later we  had a ham sandwich for a snack and then another meal.  Not bad!


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1 Response to Halfway around the world

  1. Quan Tran says:

    TransPacific flights are normally very good, the good and entertainment are awesome.

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