Pizza party with the roommates

Today we had a nice New Year’s Eve Pizza Party with our roommates.

IMG_1128 (1024x683)
Ahmed had shared his Kit Kat with me earlier in the day so I surprised him with a Crunky bar. (I have no idea how it tastes, but if its good enough for Li’l John it’s certainly good enough for me.)

IMG_1136 (1024x683)
Kelly and her roommate Linh at the pizza party. Ms. Huong ordered Pizza Hut and it is pretty close to what we get in the states. The students have been enjoying the food in Vietnam, but I think they also really appreciated a taste of home!

IMG_1135 (1024x683)
You might notice some red stuff on Khuyen’s pizza. That’s either ketchup or chili sauce–apparently those are the condiments of choice for pizza in Vietnam. Next time I’ll remember to bring some oregano and parmesan! The connection between food and culture has been a big topic of the trip. On the whiteboard Ms. Huong listed the different Vietnamese words for rice. For example, the word for cooked rice (com) is different from the word for rice in its hulled and polished but uncooked state (e.g., what you would buy at the store)–that’s “gao.” And different words are used for rice that hasn’t been hulled, rice on the stalk, and rice seedlings. Ms. Huong also listed some of the many different forms of cooked rice–regular grains, broken rice, sticky rice, thin noodles, thick noodles, porridge, rice paper, etc. We also learned a new expression– “an com chua?” It’s used kind of like “what’s up” or “what’s going on” in the United States. Its literal meaning is, “Have you eaten rice yet?”

IMG_1153 (1024x683)
We brought some Saint A’s t-shirts and other gifts for the roommates. Tuan seemed very excited when Zach gave him a shirt.

IMG_1138 (1024x683)
Left to right: Ahmed, his roommate Duc, Zach, and Liz. They may have been laughing at my new motorbike helmet (on the desk next to Ahmed). Zach said that if I dressed in khaki and wore the helmet I would look like a pistachio. Thanks Zach!

IMG_1140 (683x1024)
The temporary tattoos were a big hit. Ms. Huong joked that she would have to walk around with her arm in the air so people could read it!

IMG_1144 (1024x683)
IMG_1143 (1024x683)
Dylan and her roommate Tuyet Anh show off their tattoos.

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