Market in Vinh Long

We walked through a market in Vinh Long. All of the local wares were on display.

IMG_1633 (1024x683)
Rambutan. What an odd looking fruit. They are delicious–very sweet and juicy.

IMG_1636 (1024x683)
Walking past the stalls.

IMG_1638 (1024x683)
More fruit. Rambutan on the bottom row. In the middle row there are tamarind closest to the camera, then some purple fruit (not sure what), then water apple, maybe kumquats, something else, and longan in the back. The next row has dragon fruit, mongkut, something else (maybe soursop?), mangoes, and then durian.

IMG_1641 (1024x683)
Closeup of dragon fruit.

IMG_1644 (1024x683)
Flowers at the market.

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