First day in Ho Chi Minh City

A few images from our first day in Vietnam.

IMG_0956 (1024x683)
They don’t call it Ho Chi Minh City for nothing. This was one of the big propaganda posters we saw during our walking tour. He’s also on every denomination of the currency.

IMG_0965 (1024x683)
Don’t be fooled: Liz has no idea how to use those things. She’ll be an expert by the end of the trip.

IMG_0971 (1024x683)
One of the highlights of the first day was having iced tea and smoothies at the coffee shop near the guesthouse.

IMG_0984 (1024x683)
We also had a nice dinner with our Vietnamese roommates. Here are Ahmed and Duc.

IMG_0994 (1024x683)
Finally, I took this blurry shot of Saigon at night.

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1 Response to First day in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Beth Salerno says:

    Great to hear you arrived safely and are already having fun. Looking forward to further posts :). Beth

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